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Environmental Benefits
ATM Laser is an environmentally friendly company that utilizes many ways to help reserve resources and save the earth. The production of our All American Toner brand of compatible cartridges is green from start to finish. Our process of remanufacturing toner cartridges has a huge impact on our environment.

Even if you use OEM Cartridges, recycle your empties! Sending them back to HP, Lexmark, or other OEM manufacturers is NOT "recycling".

• Donate your empties to a local school or charity!

• Start a fundraising program yourself!

• We customize flyers & arrange collection bin pick ups!

If you want more information on our Cartridge Collection Programs contact Aimee Keenan at

Facts About Recycling
Each toner cartridge in a landfill will take more than 10 centuries to decompose.
Cartridges are made of plastic, iron, and aluminum parts. None of these parts are biodegradable but ALL are recyclable.
Each toner cartridge remanufactured saves over 3 quarts of oil.
Each toner cartridge remanufactured saves approximately 2-3 pounds of plastic from entering a landfill.
A remanufacturing facility the size of ATM Laser restores enough cartridges to equal the height of a 120 story building EACH year.
Cartridge components are recoated, recycled or recharged.
Cartridges are tested on a paperless testing machine called the LT-777. It is the industry's best source to test toners and alleviates unnecessary paper waste from test prints.
The shipping boxes used by ATM Laser are made of 100% recycled fiber. Using recycled shipping boxes helps to save trees, water, oil, air pollution, landfill space and energy.